The only exhibition in Lithuania dedicated to business segment with the aim to prepare for the Christmas period: business gifts, organization of events, décor and other relevant festive solutions.

It is not just the exhibition of products and services but also the conference where the reports on the preparations for Christmas will be presented by the experts in their fields.

The event, organized for the second year in a row, shows its importance and significance both for the participating companies in the exhibition and its visitors.


  • Business gifts manufacturers and sellers;
  • Festive greetings producers and sellers;
  • Organizer of holidays, event managers, performers, DJ’s, various programs and show makers;
  • Festive Foods Suppliers, Confectionery Manufacturers;
  • Restaurants, manor houses and homesteads;
  • Florist, decorator;
  • Festive creators and salons.


  • Business gifts and especially their concepts;
  • Postcards and digital innovative greetings;
  • Calendars, workbooks;
  • Decorations (from spruce to field signs);
  • Display cases, office, event decor;
  • Grandparents and other characters.

We invite interested persons to participate in the exhibition by filling out a request form so that we can contact you and send a proposal for participation.

Tel.: +370 630 84949